[TS2] TES V: DR Books and Telephone Book.

At last, the time hath come to whisk away the bland appearance of the telephone book when used by children. Huzzah! One can now have the gorgeous books imported straight from the Nordic realm of Skyrim from the land of Tamriel.



EPs required: NA!

Included: DR of the reference books, children’s books, the stack of telephone books used by children whilst playing a game of chess, and buyable books.
Note: You can only have one default replacement for the books and bookcases!
1) EA Games/ Maxis
2) Textures by Bethesda Games
3) Skyrim Nexus

[TS2] TES V: Dawnguard DR Vampire Skin-tone.


My good friend Rose over at The PBK sent me a PM requesting that I make a second version of my “TES V: Dawnguard” default replacement vampire skin-tone but with the lip makeup and eyeshadow added for the females. Whilst I don’t take requests, this was something I had longed to do myself. So, here it is!