About Edorenel

Born Lorene Aurelia Holderfield in the city of Boulder nestled alongside the majestic, gorgeous Flat Irons, Coloradoan writer/editor Lorene is notable for her Fictional Romance stories, particularly her novel “Fruit of Forbidden Love” which received the 2011 and 2012 NaNoWriMo awards. With her sweeping imagination and endless creativity of unending worlds and characters, each with unique, potent stories of their own to tell, Lorene happily plays with proses, Short Stories, a bit of Sci-Fi, a bit of (rarely) Poetry, and a bit of Fan Fiction, for she believes trying different realms expands one’s imagination. “I am a restless bird seeking to fly anywhere I can and for as long as I feel like flying for. And as much as I love and dote on Fictional Romance, my heart seeks to try other genres, too, not just for the mere fun of trying them, but to grow my talent and skill as a writer, also. Much like a blacksmith forging a sword, the Art of Writing is something that must be continually molded, melted, rebuilt, sharpened, and honed. And I feel that trying different genres achieves precisely that.”

Excited_Exhaustion_(Glenwood_Springs, CO.)

“Excited Exhaustion (Glenwood Springs, CO.)”. Photo by Elvin L. Holderfield.

Lorene has released many works, all of which can be found on her website. Lorene has published her Short Story “It Must be the Coffee” in an Indie Fort Collins magazine called “Mindbringer” and in an Indie Texas magazine called “Mad Swirl”. She strives to publish any of her works in Arts-related magazines, both online and offline, as well as, more importantly, in book format. Her dream and goal in life is to become a successful novelist like her #1 inspiration, Jane Austen.


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