[TS3] Lorene Holderfield Self-Sim V0.2.

Biography: Lorene has released many works, all of which can be found on her website. Lorene has published her Short Story “It Must be the Coffee” in an Indie Fort Collins magazine called “Mindbringer” and in an Indie Texas magazine called “Mad Swirl”. She strives to publish any of her works in Creative Arts-related magazines, both online and offline, as well as, more importantly, in book format. Her dream and goal in life is to become a successful novelist like her #1 inspiration, Jane Austen.

Sign: Cancer

Favorites: Vegetarian Grilled Salmon, Indie music, the colour green.

Occupation: Writer

Lifetime Wish: Professional Author

Personality: Bookworm, Eco-Friendly, Flirty, Hopeless Romantic, Loves the Outdoors.

Eye color: Brown

Hair color: Black

EPs required: LN, SEAS (for my outerwear).

Note: Cut-Paste the .sim file into Libraries>Document>My Documents>Electronic Arts>The Sims 3>SavedSims. (I have Windows 7. File path might be different for other OS.)

(Please, download the following contents below!)


1) “‘Lunar Eyes’ – Contacts for all Sims” by Lunararc. (I pair this with “Lunararc’s ‘Lunar Eyes’ made Default
by naiyasfury, but that is optional for you!)

2) “Dynamite” hair preset color by Pooklet.

3) “Nose Mask Set” by brntwaffles.

4) “S_club Eye shadow 03” by S-Club.

5) “Dulcet-Tone Collared Dress with Bow” by Anubis. (My everyday wear.)

6) “Master Suite Stuff Clothes Base Game Compatible” by Aku’s Mind. (My sleepwear; it’s included in my download file~)

7) “Smooth Criminal Boots for Teen-to-Elder” by Anubis. (My outerwear boots.)

8) “S_Club_ts3_Lip_N36” by S-Club.

9) “Newsea’s Lucia, Female T-E” (AS version) by Beaverhausen. (My Athletic hairstyle!)

10) “Newsea’s Sand Glass F Teen-Elder” (AS version) by Beaverhausen. (My Everyday hairstyle!) Note: the link is broken! Use this alternative version here: “Newsea’s Sand Glass Fix and Retexture” (AS highlights version) by Poseidon Sims.

11) Both “Sims3set sclub-ts3-eyebrow x6 set1” and “Sims3set S-Club ts3 eyebrow x6 set2” by S-Club.

12) “Bride 11” by BEO Creations.

13) “Summer Breeze Collection” (flats only) by Anubis.

14) Both “S-Club Skin MFC5 Non-Default” and “S-Club Skin MFC5 Default” by S-Club.

In the photo:

1) “‘Bioshock Infinite’: Stacks of Books” by Shokoninio.

2) Clothing by Anubis360 and from his Tumblr.

3) Red writing pen accessory is from “Writing Poses with Notebook and Pen” by Pickypikachu.


2 thoughts on “[TS3] Lorene Holderfield Self-Sim V0.2.

  1. Why, thank you, friend. 🙂 I’m glad you think so. It sounds silly to say (since it’s myself we’re talking about), but I turned out better than I thought I would! 😮 Ha, ha!

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