[TS2] TES V: Dawnguard DR Vampire Skin-tone.


My good friend Rose over at The PBK sent me a PM requesting that I make a second version of my “TES V: Dawnguard” default replacement vampire skin-tone but with the lip makeup and eyeshadow added for the females. Whilst I don’t take requests, this was something I had longed to do myself. So, here it is!


What’s new:
– A light tan hue, instead of the original grey.
– V2 now added, which has the lipstick line, eye shadow, and a more detailed face for the females. The males retain just a detailed face.
– Original version (the non-V2 .package file) is without make up for the females. But now, both genders have a more detailed face (the original was just a plain grey skin and only had the awesome vampire eyes from the Dawnguard cover).
You can only have ONE default replacement in your downloads folder!Credits:

1) HD vampire facial textures courtesy of Skyrim Nexus and Bethesda.

2) “TES V: Skyrim” and “Dawnguard” belongs to Bethesda Studios.

3) Tweaked vampire “Lilith Solitude Skin Blend” courtesy of NathanialRoyale. ‘Twas further tweaked by me.


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