[TS2] The Virginia Gazette DR Newspaper.

Huzzah! Another item in my “Colonial Williamsburg Project” knocked down! I used Sunni’s default replacement newspaper, due to the fact it’s a fixed version (and not the broken one on MTS). I thought it safer to go with that than going with one that didn’t work for all expansions and was broke.


History of The Virginia Gazette:
“The original Virginia Gazette, the first newspaper ever published in Virginia, was established by William Parks, who printed the first four-page edition on August 6, 1736. Its motto was ‘Containing the freshest Advices, Foreign and Domestic.’ …In 1743, Parks built a paper mill in Williamsburg; he purchased the raw material to create newsprint from Benjamin Franklin. The paper was published, successively, by Parks (1736-1750), William Hunter (1751-1761), Joseph Royle (1761-1765), Alexander Purdie and John Dixon(1766-1775), Dixon and Hunter (1775-1778), and Dixon and Thomas Nicolson (1779-1780). The last issue was published on April 8, 1780,after which point the paper relocated to Richmond, Virginia’s new capital.
In 1766 William Rind founded a competing newspaper also called The Virginia Gazette. This paper was published by Rind (1766-1773),then by his widow Clementina Rind (1773-1774), and finally John Pinkney (1774-1776). Its last issue was printed on February 3, 1776. On February 3, 1775, Alexander Purdie, previously a publisher of the original Gazette, started a third paper of the same name. It was published by Purdie until his death in 1779; it was then published by John Clarkson and Augustine Davis until December 9, 1780. Afterward, various papers were published periodically around Virginia using The Virginia Gazette banner.”
Expansions required: NA
1) “Newspaper Replacement” by Sunni at The PBK.
2) Original “Medieval Newspaper Replacement” by FairySims.
3) Wikipedia contributors. “The Virginia Gazette.” Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia, 20 Mar. 2012. Web. 17 Apr. 2012.

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