[TS2] TES V: DR Books and Telephone Book.

At last, the time hath come to whisk away the bland appearance of the telephone book when used by children. Huzzah! One can now have the gorgeous books imported straight from the Nordic realm of Skyrim from the land of Tamriel.



EPs required: NA!

Included: DR of the reference books, children’s books, the stack of telephone books used by children whilst playing a game of chess, and buyable books.
Note: You can only have one default replacement for the books and bookcases!
1) EA Games/ Maxis
2) Textures by Bethesda Games
3) Skyrim Nexus

[TS2] TES V: Dawnguard DR Vampire Skin-tone.


My good friend Rose over at The PBK sent me a PM requesting that I make a second version of my “TES V: Dawnguard” default replacement vampire skin-tone but with the lip makeup and eyeshadow added for the females. Whilst I don’t take requests, this was something I had longed to do myself. So, here it is!


[TS2] Colonial Williamsburg .SC4 Terrain.

Note: This is not complete, for I still have business lots to add to this (but I cannot until I have the OFB EP). And also, this is not fully decorated either. I am just putting this temporary picture up so that people can have an idea of what the terrain looks like.


Showcased at: The Plumb Bob Keep.
1) Heimskur for diligently working hard on this. Your efforts shalt be remembered always!

[TS2] The Virginia Gazette DR Newspaper.

Huzzah! Another item in my “Colonial Williamsburg Project” knocked down! I used Sunni’s default replacement newspaper, due to the fact it’s a fixed version (and not the broken one on MTS). I thought it safer to go with that than going with one that didn’t work for all expansions and was broke.


History of The Virginia Gazette:
“The original Virginia Gazette, the first newspaper ever published in Virginia, was established by William Parks, who printed the first four-page edition on August 6, 1736. Its motto was ‘Containing the freshest Advices, Foreign and Domestic.’ …In 1743, Parks built a paper mill in Williamsburg; he purchased the raw material to create newsprint from Benjamin Franklin. The paper was published, successively, by Parks (1736-1750), William Hunter (1751-1761), Joseph Royle (1761-1765), Alexander Purdie and John Dixon(1766-1775), Dixon and Hunter (1775-1778), and Dixon and Thomas Nicolson (1779-1780). The last issue was published on April 8, 1780,after which point the paper relocated to Richmond, Virginia’s new capital.

[TS2] 18th Century Silver DR Dinnerware.

And here is another alternative choice to the pewter dinnerware default replacement, but for your well-to-do Sims!  Again, you can only have one default replacement utensil, plate, and shaker.

– Shaker
– Dinner plate
– Silverware


– Plate texture found on Google.
– Silverware texture pulled from an 18th Century fork.
– Shaker texture pulled from an 18th Century glass.

[TS2] 18th Century Pewter DR Dinnerware.

This is a rendition of my old DR pewter set. I didn’t like the textures very much as I thought I did. So, I redid the dinner plate and added extras. You can only have one DR of the plate, shaker, and silverware!

– Shaker
– Dinner plate
– Silverware


– EA Games/Maxis
– Shaker texture pulled from an 18th Century tankard
– Plate texture found on Google
– Pewter silverware texture pulled from an 18th Century fork.